England vs Sri Lanka

Will change at the end of each day.

July 25th

Sri Lanka 257 all out

England 365 all out

Sri Lanka 457 all out

250 all out

Ali 108* Anderson (Out)

Star Man: Moeen Ali

Why? Got 108 after unsuccesful previous two innings

England had to not get out on the last two balls to draw, but failed that and lost



4 thoughts on “England vs Sri Lanka”

  1. Hey Freddie, are you into World Cup Match Attax, Mungo has a lot missing and a lot of swaps. Wanna do a deal? Nick

    1. Oh definetely, me and my brother have almost completed them so will be hard for Mungo to give any to us but we can give him steven gerrard hundred club and luis suarez man of the match and xherdan shaqiri man of the match (you might not want luis suarez though after what he has done!)

      P.s. tell me if you want any of those cards or if Mungo specially wants any others and I can give them to my dad to send to you.

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